eoSemi's mission is to displace quartz crystal or other discrete resonator components in all kinds electronic systems.

For systems that have no wireless connectivity eoSemi plans to replace the resonator component entirely. eoSemi has developed CMOS oscillator technology that provides a stable frequency reference that is accurate to parts per million levels over the industrial range of operating conditions. Silicon oscillators have not been successful to date as they are hugely sensitive to changes in temperature, the stresses and strains of the IC manufacturing process and the effects of aging. eoSemi has designed and patented analog and digital circuits which sense and measure these effects and then compensate for them.

For mobile devices with any kind of radio connectivity eoSemi is developing a product which will ensure that only one resonator component is required in any wireless system. This means delivering a crystal oscillator that is noiseless enough to be the frequency reference for a state-of-the-art wireless modem and that consumes very low levels of power such that it can be used to provide clocking and timing sources when the device is in standby or sleep modes. eoSemi is developing a number of patentable CMOS circuit and software techniques which should allow it to offer the lowest power single crystal oscillator solution on the market.